Associate Membership

How to benefit from special pricing and licences for software and online resources offered by Chest Agreements

This is a special class of membership which allows organisations which are engaged in education to benefit from the specially negotiated licence terms and conditions and prices for some Chest Agreements.

Membership is free of charge; the Associate Member pays for any licence subscriptions.

Any organisation can apply to become an Associate Member as long as they comply with a few criteria.

How to become an Associate Member

Does your organisation meet the following criteria?

  • Is your organisation significantly engaged in teaching and/or research?
  • Does your organisation support Higher and/or Further Education?
  • Is your organisation wholly resident in the UK?
  • Is your organisation not-for-profit?

If you have a good case then we will accept you as an Associate Member – there is no membership fee.

Please complete and return the Associate Member Application Form. We will notify you by email if your application has been successful or not.

Which agreements are open to Associate Members?

Not all suppliers automatically agree to allow Associate Members to take part in their agreements. Use the ‘Audience’ Filter to search for agreements that are open to Associates.

If an agreement was signed before you joined Eduserv then we may have to ask the supplier for their permission to allow your organisation to take part.

If you have any doubts about whether an agreement is open to your organisation then please contact our Help Desk or call our them on 01225 470523 for advice before submitting a licence form.

Subscribing to an agreement

Complete the licence paperwork as described in the relevant Agreement Overview. Once your organisation is licensed then you must adhere to all the licence terms and conditions applicable to each agreement that you subscribe to.

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