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About Chest Representatives

Chest Representatives, often known as Site Contacts, provide a vital link between Eduserv and their university, college or organisation. They are the first people to learn about new Chest Agreements. Their feedback is invaluable ensuring that we negotiate for the right products and that the licence terms and conditions meet their organisation's requirements. They make sure that the right people know which agreements are available and of new ones in the pipeline.

There are two types of Contact at each institution – software and library specialists. You can nominate more than person for each role.

Software Contact

This person needs to have a good understanding of software licensing and knowledge of the software licensed by their institution. A Software Contact usually has a senior role in IT Services.

Online Resource (Data) Contact

Typically a senior librarian with a responsibility for acquiring online library resources and with a good understanding of licensing will take this role.

What do these Contacts do?

  • Contribute to the decision to subscribe to Chest Agreements.
  • Disseminate news from our e-newsletters and emails to their colleagues.
  • Arrange for relevant staff to review proposals for new and renewing Chest Agreements and to take part in trials.
  • Attend Focus Group meetings or arrange for someone from their institution to attend.
  • Send us feedback, constructive or otherwise, on proposals and trials.
  • Frequently take responsibility for signing and administering Eduserv licences. Other people at their institution can take charge of individual agreements if that is more convenient.
  • Along with Agreement Administrators the Software and Online Resource Contacts are an important point of contact if we have news or concerns about your licences.
  • Keep us informed about contact changes.

Contacts can email Eduserv Help to request a list of their current licences.

Eduserv Messenger

The Eduserv Software and Data Messengers are e-newsletters sent to our Chest Representatives every two weeks. The Messengers are packed with the latest details on new Chest Agreements, amendments, agreement renewals and events. If you think you know someone else who would like to receive the newsletters then please contact Jenny Carroll with contact details.

Contact information

If it is more convenient then Chest Representatives can provide a generic email address, e.g. IT Service Desk or Library to ensure that important information is not missed in an individual’s mailbox during holidays or periods of sickness. However, we do need the real name and direct telephone number for each contact in the rare event that we need to contact you urgently.

Please let us know if your contacts or details change using one of the forms on the right.

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