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A licence represents the agreement between the institution and the publisher or service provider. It details the terms and conditions of use. These have been agreed between Eduserv and the supplier. Once a subscription is taken out or a resource is purchased through a Chest Agreement then a legally binding contract exists between your institution, organisation or company and the Licensor.


There are two versions, the General Licence and the more recent Standard Licence. 

The latest version, shorter and simpler than its predecessor, was introduced in 2011 in response to changes in the education landscape. Variations of partnerships/collaborations between organisations and new commercial institutions are constantly emerging, so it’s important that we keep our definitions under review. The new licences are being rolled out gradually as agreements are renewed and brand new agreements introduced.

You will find links to the relevant version or other expressly referenced licence terms and conditions from each Chest Agreement on our website - please read the terms and conditions before submitting your order.

Licence extensions

The latest licence has couple of optional extensions which will allow you to offer access to people who need to use a licensed resource but who usually fall outside your institution’s core population.

Option for Extended Educational Use

This allows the licensee to extend access to students and the staff instructing them who are not members (authorised users) of the licensed institution. For example, users in partner colleges in UK or overseas or students on franchised or validated courses. This extension allows the licensed institution the option to charge the other party for use of the resource.

Not sure if a student is an authorised user? Then use the Eduserv Student Access Decision Maker.

Licence Extension for Commercial Projects

This can be purchased in addition to the Option for Extended Educational Use and means that a licensee can use the resource in projects that are deemed ‘commercial’. For example, where they receive payment from third parties for non-academic research or consultancy services or where they have the majority or controlling interest in a trading company, partnership, joint venture or some other collaboration.

Not all Chest Agreements offer these extensions.

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