About our licences

We negotiate contracts with suppliers to licence Software or Online Resources to universities, colleges and other eligible organisations over a fixed period. These contracts, known as Chest Agreements, include the licence terms and conditions for use of the products by the staff and students of the subscribing institution.

Our standard licences, one for software and the other for online resources, set a benchmark for licensing for education institutions. They offer:

  • Favourable terms and conditions
  • Consistent and easy to understand language
  • Time savings for both subscribers and suppliers

Why are there different versions of licences?

In 2011 we decided to review our licences to make sure that they continue to meet the needs of our subscribers. As a result, we simplified and shortened our two Standard Chest Licences, setting out each party’s rights and obligations more clearly. We also introduced a less restrictive definition of ‘Authorised User’. The new licences are being rolled out gradually as agreements are renewed and brand new agreements introduced. There are different standard licences for software and for online resources.

Do all Chest Agreements have the same licence?

No. The standard licences provide us with a starting point for negotiation with suppliers – we make every effort to retain all the clauses but occasionally amendments are made.

There are links on our website from each Chest Agreement to the relevant licence and, where appropriate, expressly referenced non-standard licence terms and conditions.

It is the responsibility of each institution to check the precise wording of each licence and if necessary to seek legal advice before signing a Chest Agreement licence.

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