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MarketLine is an interactive platform giving users anytime access to a unique mix of company, industry, financial and country data, for every major marketplace in the world.

This agreement is for institutions that are renewing their subscriptions from 1 August 2016.

Key Facts


  • Significant savings against direct purchase
  • Loyalty pricing for long term customers

Important dates

Agreement start: 1 August 2016
Agreement end: 31 July 2019


No trials are currently available as the agreement is only open to existing customers. 

Eligible Institutions

This Agreement is currently only available to currently licensed sites looking to renew their subscription.

Background Information

This is the fifth Chest Agreement between Eduserv and MarketLine (previously Datamonitor/Research for Libraries). Consultation with and support from librarians within the academic community was integral to forming this Chest Agreement.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: MarketLine, a trading name of Progressive Digital Media Ltd.

Product Description

MarketLine is an interactive, subscribers-only platform, giving users anytime access to a unique mix of company, industry, financial and country data, for every major marketplace in the world.

Along with this wealth of qualitative and quantitative information, the MarketLine platform features highly advanced search functionality, a user-friendly interface and navigational aids to help users access what they need in seconds. MarketLine platform has been developed specifically with users in mind based on their feedback.

MarketLine gives users access to the entire information library from one place, in just a few clicks. With keyword search functionality, it’s as simple to use as conducting a general search on the web and users can access it from anywhere – at home or at work.

Much of the information is presented in graphical format so users can integrate the data into their projects and presentations with ease. The breadth of industry coverage also means that it doesn't just cover the obvious sectors, but the really niche ones too, so users will always find what they need to support their research needs.

Access and Identity Management Solution

Key: Yes Available, No Not available

OpenAthens (SAML


Shibboleth (SAML)


IP address range Yes
Username / Password


Technical Function Specification

The supplier confirms that throughout the term of the agreement the products will comply with the standards indicated.

Key: Yes Available, No Not available, £ additional cost, N/A – Not applicable

Technical Function 



Supplier Notes

Full text linking




Federated searching

Z39.50 protocol 








RSS or Atom



Metadata standards

Dublin Core






Months embargo period


Digital preservation







Usage statistics






Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Personalisation features


Service levels



MarketLine is updated on a daily basis.


All additions and new functionality will be incorporated at no additional charge.

Pricing and Ordering


There is currently one level of pricing, for subscribers who have purchased continuously prior to 2016 through the previous Chest Agreement. Existing subscribers should contact Eduserv Help for pricing.

Payment Terms

On receipt of a completed Licence, Institutions will be invoiced for the Agreement year in which the Licence is signed.

For the subsequent years, Institutions will be invoiced three months in advance of the anniversary date of the Agreement, on 1 May.

All Purchase Orders must be made out to Eduserv and Eduserv's invoices must be paid within 30 calendar days of the date of the invoice.

Agreement Period

Start date: 1 August 2016 End date: 31 July 2019

Institution Commitment Period

This Agreement is of 3 years duration. They will be committed to the end of the Agreement Period unless they provide written notice on or before 1 May 2017 or 1 May 2018 that they wish to opt out of the agreement. 

How to Order

One copy of the Order Form is required.

When completed the form should be returned to:

  1. As a PDF by email:
  2. By Fax: 01225 474301
  3. By post to:
    Royal Mead
    Railway Place
    BA1 1SR

along with an Institution Purchase Order for the full amount due plus VAT, made out to ‘Eduserv’.

Licence Information

The information provided in this overview is for general guidance only; it is important that you read the Licence Terms in full.

Licence Type 

Site licence with Eduserv Standard Chest Licence Terms and Conditions.

Except Clause 5.1 is replaced by:

5.1 The Licensor warrants that:

    1. Licensee’s use of the Licensed Materials in accordance with the terms of this licence shall not infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights
    2. the Licensed Material is owned by or licensed to the Licensor and does not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights ;
    3. the content of the Licensed Material is not unlawful or false or misleading or pornographic or obscene or racist or defamatory.

What institutions and library services are allowed to do?

Yes Allowed No Not allowed

Keep a local cached copy for Educational Purposes 


Incorporation of parts of the Licensed Material


Deposit of learning and teaching objects in repositories  


Interlibrary loan


Who can use the resource?

The resources are licensed for all Authorised Users, defined as Students, Staff and Walk-in Users

Yes Allowed No Not allowed £ Allowed at additional cost


On site  Remote 






Walk-in Users



Alumni members



What can authorised users do?

The resources can be used for Educational Purposes – see Licence Term 1.1(b):

  • education
  • teaching
  • distance learning
  • private study
  • academic research
  • administration and management of the Licensee’s educational or research operations


  • See Licence Term 3 for exclusions and restrictions
  • The resources may not be used for anything other than Educational Purposes
  • Downloading of large amounts of material by authorised users that might be considered ‘systematic’.

Termination Clauses

Subject to any Fee shown on the Website, the Licensee may retain an electronic copy of the Licensed Material in its archives for reference only. Copies of parts of the Licensed Material already made and/or used by the Licensee or Authorised Users in accordance with clause 2.2 may be retained and used in accordance with the terms of this Licence Agreement – see Licence Term 10.5

Subject to giving at least 92 days notice the licensed institution may cancel their licence on the next anniversary date of the agreement. Such notice must be provided to Eduserv on or before 1 May annually.

Personal Licences

Personal licences are not available.

Service and Support


No trials are currently available as the agreement is only open to existing customers.

Login Information


Technical Support

Support will be provided by phone, fax and email by MarketLine via a single contact or his/her deputy at each Licensed Institution. The cost of such support is included in the price of the Product(s). Research for Libraries support can be contacted at:

On-site support does not form part of this Agreement and is not included in the Fee. The provision of any on-site support shall be by arrangement between Licensed Institutions and MarketLine. Any attendant costs shall be a matter for discussion and negotiation between those parties.

Product Documentation

Comprehensive help files are included in the online service.

Copying of hardcopy and electronic documentation is permitted. 

Training and Training Materials

Training does not form part of this Agreement and is not included in the price of the Product(s). The provision of any training shall be by arrangement between Licensed Institutions and MarketLine. Any attendant costs shall be a matter for discussion and negotiation between those parties.

MarketLine's support team conduct regular, FOC, training sessions to help you get the most from their service.

Access MarketLine's helpful video tutorial – talking users through MarketLine Advantage site using step-by-step (easy to pause and D.I.Y.) instructions.

Electronic training materials will be provided to Licensed Institutions without charge and can be freely copied.

Get in touch

0300 121 0878

Chest Agreement General

Calls to 0300 numbers are charged at the same rate as calls to normal home or business landlines.

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MarketLine Premium

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    MarketLine Premium is a new series of vertical-specific market research modules that are available in this new Chest Agreement. The agreement offers significant benefits.

    The first 3 modules, Telecommunications, Defense & Security and Travel & Tourism, are already available and more will be available in the coming months.

MarketLine Advantage Brochure

    • Global coverage
    • Industries 4000+
    • 200 Countries and 1950 Cities
    • Companies 500,000+
    • Data and tools