Esri UK 2017 Agreement

Frequently asked questions

What is happening to Single Use and Concurrent Licences?

Esri is moving towards a licence model which licences the user rather than the hardware. However, sites are not obligated to make this transition during the current (2017-2020) agreement. The former Concurrent and Single User licences will not be provisioned throughout the next licence agreement. The number of Named Users indicates the number of ArcGIS users that a university can provision for sites making the transition during this agreement term.

Is there a Transition period to help us move to the new licence model?

Yes. Each university will be allocated the Concurrent Use Licences to match the Named User Allocation of their Licence Option for ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro for the 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years. As of 1 August 2020 Concurrent Use Licences will no longer exist.

Are Concurrent Use Licences available for ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. These have been added to the licence to aid the transition to ArcGIS Pro. This means you can provision the software across your open access labs in the same way you have provisioned ArcMap. However, Concurrent Use Licences for ArcGIS Pro will not be available after the 3-year term and universities are strongly encouraged to transition to the Named User Licence model.

What are Apps?

Esri refers to any user application as an app. So, ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and City Engine are Apps. The term app would also cover mobile apps such as Collector for ArcGIS and Survey 123.

Most apps (except for ArcMap and CityEngine) will be accessed through a login. The user would have to have a Named User identity that is associated the universities.

Apps for the Field Apps for the Office; Apps for Community
Collector for ArcGIS  Maps for Office  StoryMaps 
Survey123  Business Analyst Online  OpenData 
Workforce  Power BI  Configurable Apps 
Ops Dashboard  Community Analyst  Crowdsource Manager 
  MapView  Crowdsource Reporter 
  SceneView  Crowd Source Polling 
  ArcGIS Earth   

What is a named user?

A named user is an identity given to a user by an organisation which grants them access to Esri’s apps.

Why do I need to be a named user?

Users need an identity in order to access apps such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro and mobile apps. The named user is explicitly associated with the organisation (the university) and gets access to applications for which the university is licenced.

What about Desktop applications?

Desktop applications such as ArcGIS Pro already require users to have a named user identity from an Organisation. This authentication will most likely be implemented in ArcMap and the name user model will replace Single Use and Concurrent Use licencing.

What are the advantages of the named user licence model?

The named user model has several advantages, including:

  • Users get access to both desktop and web applications
  • Named Users identities tie together desktop, web and mobile GIS applications through a cloud based GIS data storage provision which is built into ArcGIS Online
  • Users are licenced rather than hardware so it is easier to allow staff and students to have Esri software on their personal computers
  • Named User Identities can be tied to institutions single sign on system reducing administrative overheads.

How do I add Named Users?

Named Users are managed through ArcGIS Online. If you are an admin you will be able to invite users either individually or in bulk through a CSV file. In addition, it is possible to enable Enterprise access to ArcGIS Online through setting up a link with your institutional login. A user will then automatically be given a Named User identity the first time they try to login to ArcGIS Online via the Enterprise Login option.

How do I set up Enterprise Login for ArcGIS Online?

More information on how to enable Enterprise Login with ArcGIS Online will follow in due course. However, you will find basic information here.

How do I access software?

Software applications that install on your PC, such as ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro or CityEngine, and server applications should be downloaded through MyEsri.

What is a Departmental lab pack?

A Departmental Lab Pack is designed for a university or institution that does not have a Site Licence but needs a smaller set of ArcGIS licences. The Departmental Lab pack offers the basic applications such as Desktop and ArcGIS Online.

What is Administrative Use?

Administrative use is any use by the university that is not teaching or research and that would be to either run or promote the university. This could include estate management or deriving business intelligence from data that the university hold on its students.

How might a university use Esri software for Administrative Purposes?

There are many ways in which a university could apply Esri software for administrative purposes. These include:

  • Smart facilities management
  • BIM
  • Analysing admissions and graduates
  • Deriving business intelligence from university data

To discuss how your institution may be able to utilise Esri software for Administrative use, please contact

Commercial Use?

The education licence does not cover commercial use. This means commercial training, consultancy, selling plugins or applications developed using esri software and anything that is a paid for service. If a university wants to explore any of these activities, they should contact and discuss a licence that would allow them to do so.

How would I replicate software as a service implemented with Concurrent Use Licences?

As the Named User Licence model licences the user and not the computer, it is possible to deploy any ArcGIS application which has a login on any university machine. For a user to be able to access the software application they must have a Named User identity.

Can I allow students to install software on their personal computers?

You can allow staff and students to install ArcGIS application which have a login on their laptops. For the staff member or student to be able to access the application they will require a named user identity.

In addition, 1 Year Student licences will be available for at least the 1st academic year of this agreement.

Can ArcGIS Applications which have login be used offline?

Yes they can. The administrator can enable offline access and set the maximum duration that off line access persists before a user is required to login with an internet connection.

What is ArcGIS Developer Subscription?

The ArcGIS Developer Subscription enables users to explore and develop on the ArcGIS Platform. This is ideal for developers in research teams or advanced GIS students who are customising applications through code and APIs.

More information can be found here.

Why do I have numerous ArcGIS Online Organisations?

You can have all your users in one large Online Organisation if you wish. The thinking was to have 1 large general use organisation (possibly with ties to single sign on) and then smaller ones to support research projects or departments which use ArcGIS frequently.

What is the role of the Primary User?

The Primary User role is the same as the Admin Contact on a typical Chest Order Form. This is normally the person who completes the paperwork, who requests the PO, who chases up any delayed keys. They are often not a user of the software, but are nonetheless responsible for its acquisition.

What is the difference between Level 1 Users and Level 2 Users?

Organisations use levels to allocate accounts based on the privileges that members need. Members are assigned a level when they are added to the organisation. The level determines which privileges are available to the member. ArcGIS offers two levels of membership:

  • Level 1 membership is for members who only need privileges to view content, such as maps and apps, that has been shared with them through the organization, as well as join groups within the organization.
  • Level 2 membership is for members who need to view, create, and share content and own groups, in addition to other tasks.

For example, a content creator assigned a level 2 account can create and share a site selection app with a group of users in their organisation. This app allows users to select a specific site and view attribute information about the site that should only be available to internal employees. A member with a level 1 account can join the group and view and interact with the app.

Can we upgrade or downgrade to the next level mid-term if find we have more or less users than anticipated?

You are able to upgrade to the next option at any time, the difference in cost will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year in which you upgrade. You will not be able to downgrade during the term of the licence.