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Annual site licence subscriptions for ENVI, software for processing and analysing geospatial imagery

ENVI combines advanced spectral image processing and proven geospatial analysis technology with a modern, user-friendly interface and processing and analysis tools to help users extract meaningful information from images.

Key Facts


  • Unlimited site licence covering both teaching and research
  • Estimated cost savings for a large university of around £25K per annum

Important dates

Agreement start: 1 July 2015
Agreement end: 30 June 2018

Eligible Institutions

Higher Education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

Background Information

The community expressed an interest for Eduserv to negotiate an Agreement for ENVI with ITT Visual Information Solutions, later to become part of Exelis Inc and renamed Exelis Visual Information Solutions. Exelis is now a subsidiary of Harris Corp.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: Harris Geospatial Solutions

Product Description


ENVI is the software of choice for processing and analysing geo-spatial imagery, combining advanced spectral imaging processing techniques with a modern, user-friendly interface. Whether you use panchromatic, LiDAR, SAR, multispectral or hyperspectral imagery, ENVI has the latest processing and analysis tools to help you extract meaningful information to make better decisions. More information can be found here.

ENVI Modules
Extend the functionality of ENVI with the ENVI Module Bundle which includes ENVI DEM Extraction, Feature Extraction, Atmospheric Correction and Photogrammetry. More information can be found here

IDL is the programming language of choice for many Academics and Scientists because it’s easy to learn, easy to use, and requires fewer lines of code than other programming languages, making it easier and faster to go from data to discovery. IDL is the base product of ENVI allowing users to expand its capabilities. More information can be found here

SARscape allows users to easily read, process, and output their SAR data so they can transform hard-to-interpret data into meaningful, contextual information. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data is a sophisticated data type that can be used to analyse an area of interest during the day or night, regardless of weather conditions. It is particularly helpful when trying to detect change and study the topography of a specific area. The products available through CHEST are: SARscape Basic – InSAR and Interferometric Stacking (PB,SBAS) Windows and Linux only. More information can be found here.

Pricing and Ordering


Annual fees (payments annually in advance)

Product packages


Number of Licences



Any of the following software products can be bundled with ENVI Base. ENVI Base must be purchased in order to be able to order any of the following:
ENVI Modules Bundle
40 seat "IDL Bundle"
5 x SARscape Licences  £3,570
10 x SARscape Licences  £5,714
25 x SARscape Licences  £9,145
50 x SARscape Licences  £11,709

Sites that pay for three years upfront will enjoy an additional 10% discount.

Payment Terms

On receipt of a completed Licence, Institutions will be invoiced for the Agreement year in which the Licence is signed. For each subsequent year, Institutions will be invoiced three months in advance of the anniversary date of the licence. Purchase orders and payments for the licence fee must be made to "Eduserv". Invoices are payable within 30 calendar days of the date of invoice.

Price is fixed at time of sign-up to the Agreement for the full term of the 3-year licence.

Institutions may, if they wish, pay a single charge to cover their commitment period (3 years).

Agreement Period

Start date: 1 July 2015 End date: 30 June 2018

Commitment Period

Institutions must make a three-year commitment from the date of joining.

How to Order

One copy of the Chest Order Form and one Purchase Order made out to 'Eduserv' for the licence fee must be completed and returned by email to: help@eduserv.org.uk

Licence Information

Licence Type

The Licence terms and conditions are the Licensor’s own EULA with negotiated amendments as listed in section 10 of the Eduserv Chest Order Form.

Copying of the Software is allowed at any Institution for use by any member of staff or student in accordance with the Licence Conditions.

Termination Clauses

At the end of the agreement period sites must remove the ENVI software, along with any add-ons or modules, from their systems.

Location and Use Permissions

Use Permission
Students Yes
Academic Staff Yes
Non-Academic Staff Yes
Staff home use rights Yes
Student home use rights Yes
Access via Citrix, Terminal Server Yes
Administration and management of the Licensee’s educational or research operations  No

Personal Licences

Home use rights for staff and students are included in this agreement, subject to the export restrictions detailed in the Home Use Section of the Order From.

Service and Support


A free 30 day single user evaluation copy of ENVI is available.Please email help@eduserv.org.uk to set up

Product Documentation

Full product documentation is available from Supplier's website, currently hosted at Exelis

Training and Training Materials

The ENVI Pocket Guides are quick reference booklets  - not intended to be read from cover to cover although they can be. The intent is to provide users succinct steps on how to accomplish common tasks in ENVI.

Download the ENVI Pocket Guide - Basics 

Download the ENVI Pocket Guide - Intermediate

For beginners or to gain more experience with using ENVI SARscape there are tutorials to cover all levels, including test datasets which are available via an FTP site that require a login. To obtain a login, contact our partners Sarmap: support@sarmap.ch)


  • If users want to use sentinel data, please check the Getting Started and Basic tutorials. These give an overview of ENVI+SARscape environment and essential SARscape processing, in particular for Sentinel1 sensor.
  • The SBAS tutorial refers to an older SARscape version. Main differences are in the interface and in the AOI step (which currently has to be performed before starting with stacking processing, so before the connection graph). 

Other training materials and tutorials available from Exelis

Technical Support

Exelis will provide telephone advice and support to the nominated Technical Contact and/or his/her Deputy at Licensed Institutions during normal business hours. Exelis support can be contacted at:

Email: supporteu@harris.com

Supplier Web Address


System releases, new versions and functionality

One copy of system releases and/or new versions and new supporting documentation will be sent by the Supplier to each Licensed Institution as and when they become commercially available.


For Platform and Feature Support for current and previous versions see here.

Method of delivery of product

The master copies of media and Licensed Materials will be delivered to the Licensed Site by Exelis. Some materials may be supplied electronically.

Get in touch

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ENVI Training Courses

  • Harris provides training throughout the year on various aspects of using ENVI geospatial analysis technology at their office in Winnersh, Berkshire.

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    They offer academic pricing, at the point of purchase - use the code HARRISEDU to receive a discount.