Adobe Linked VIP Framework

6 May 2016 Print

Licensing of latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud

The Chest Adobe Linked VIP Select Agreement is a framework that consolidates the purchases of all its members to achieve the highest levels of discount available under Adobe’s Educational VIP scheme. Currently, there are four levels of discount based on the following volumes of licence purchase:

Banding Licence
Additional discount
above Level 1
Level 1 1 – 9 N/A
Level 2 10 – 49 12%
Level 3 50 – 99 18%
Level 4 100+ 40%

How does the Agreement work?

The Agreement offers Level 4 pricing for all sites.

How much does the Agreement cost to join?

The annual fee for joining the Agreement is £0.

Licence type

Volume subscription licence with non-standard terms and conditions.

Important dates

  • Agreement start date - 6 May 2016
  • Annual “Look back date” - 7 April

NB This is a rolling Framework with no end date but Adobe do have the option to cancel for convenience.

If you wish to participate in this agreement, please:

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The resellers for this agreement, are all contracted on the relevant lot of the National HE/FE Framework Agreement for Software Licence Resellers (SLRA), let by the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium, to provide an EU compliant route for procurement.

To ensure compliance with EU procurement regulations, Eduserv recommends that Institutions follow the call-off instructions as detailed in the SLRA Buyer's Guide.

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