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We provide digital consultancy to help local government, central government, charities and universities get the most from their existing and future technology to help their organisation thrive in a digital world.

Our digital consultancy helps organisations understand what is possible and develop their digital and business strategy to enable business transformation.

Our digital consultancy services include digital strategy and discovery, planning and design, and digital optimisation.

Digital strategy consultancy

Depending on where you are on your digital project we can help get things off to a good start. Our digital strategy and discovery phase can include a digital health check to assess the opportunities for your organisation. We can also run workshops with key staff and stakeholders to identify and educate what digital transformation means for your organisation. And of course we can work with you to create your digital transformation strategy.

Digital planning and design consultancy

We can help make sure all the aspects of your transformation programme are fully supported and your digital strategy isn’t developed in isolation from the rest of the business. As well as road mapping the digital aspects of a transformation project we can also work with you to develop a business case with full option analysis, costs, benefits and recommendations. We can support further technology elements of a project with an application architecture review and make sure the rest of the business is ready with organisational change consultancy.

Digital optimisation consultancy

We will work with you to help optimise all aspects of your business to make sure your internal and external services are fully benefiting your users.

Optimise your website:

We can help optimise your website to fully deliver your business objectives, get the most from your technology and deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Optimise your community platform:

We can help you create a successful community environment, whether that’s a staff intranet, volunteer community or a community for your end-users. We help make sure it meets their needs and is easy to use – the key ingredients for making sure an online community is active and effective.

Optimise your business processes:

We will make sure your business processes are efficient, effective and meet the needs of users. This doesn’t just mean implementing technology, we’ll help you understand how your processes, people and technology all work together to give you the result you desire.

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In short, we can help you make sure your digital transformation project is in fact a business transformation project. If you’d like to find out how we can help your organisation thrive in the digital age please get in touch.

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