Choose from our different testing options to make sure your website is secure, accessible and performs perfectly, no matter what.

When you're taking a digital first approach, it's vital to assess the vulnerability of your business critical and public facing services. Fully testing your website and applications will enable you to provide a great customer experience and avoid costly mistakes.

Whether you want a one-off test prior to a big project launch or you want annual tests to ensure the health of your website – our testing services can help.

We will provide you with a full report of our test findings along with recommended actions that we can implement with you to make sure your services perform at their best.

Accessibility testing

We'll help you meet web standards as well as specific accessibility requirements. Using a range of tools and checks we can identify and improve the accessibility of your website. Tests will include screen readers, page layout and ease of navigation with a mouse, keyboard and touch.

We will provide you with an accessibility rating and information about how your website performs for specific disabilities, along with recommendations to improve your ratings.

Performance testing

Could your website cope with a sudden peak in demand? We will stress test the performance and resilience of your site with different traffic levels and super peaks. We will present you with our findings and any recommended actions.

This service is ideal for organisations that are about to launch a significant campaign. Our testing for Marie Curie ensured that their website remained stable during their Christmas'text Santa campaign' whilst many other charities' websites suffered during their campaigns.

Resilience testing

If you have integrated a number of applications and databases for your digital services we will make sure that if one is removed it won’t bring down your entire web presence. We'll test the performance of your services in live-like conditions under load. This will include systematically disabling individual components or groups of components. Performance statistics are monitored before, during and after recovery and presented in a report along with any recommended actions.

IT security health check

Our ethical hackers will test the security vulnerability of your applications, services and infrastructure. We will check configurations and vulnerability of your digital assets to make sure that people can only access the information they’re meant to. This will reduce your risk of any security breaches and make sure you are less vulnerable to cyber attack. We'll provide you with a full report of areas of strength and weakness and actions required.

Test consultancy

Make sure you have the right processes, toolsets and skills in place for an efficient and secure implementation of your digital project. Our consultants will work with you to review your priorities, risks, test strategy and assurance approach. This includes reviewing your code version control, release management, approval processes and key capabilities. The process will include a documentation review, on-site interviews and workshops followed by a formal report of recommendations.

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