User Experience (UX) Audit

Eduserv’s specialists will help you to make immediate changes which put users right at the heart of all decision-making, by conducting an independent review of your website or digital service.

You’ll have years of public and third sector experience at your fingertips, along with a deep knowledge of usability best practice. The audit will take into consideration the context, the nature of the system being evaluated, and the goals of the business.

This is a fixed price service to maximise value and manage expectations.

Convince stakeholders to take action

Maybe you’re already aware of some of the issues affecting your users on a daily basis, but other colleagues still need convincing. An objective point of view will add substance to your discussions, while also helping you to identify the quick wins.

Designed for your organisation

With users demanding services to be made available online, on mobile and around the clock, there’s never been a trickier time for making an impact. Our UX audit considers context at every turn to ensure that any advice is tailored to your users and specific to your organisation.


  • Creation of a persona which represents the most important type of service user.
  • Expert analysis on how well user needs are met.
  • Comprehensive report which features a ratings system to prioritise recommendations.
  • Detailed set of “quick win” improvements which can be made immediately.
  • Audit results and next steps presented to key stakeholders.

Fixed Price: £5,000

Why Eduserv?

Our experienced team of public and third sector analysts have worked alongside hundreds of the largest organisations in the UK including: Oxfam, the Department for Education, NHS Direct, and University College London. As a not-for-profit and registered charity, all of our efforts are focused on helping our customers rather than increasing our bank balance.

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