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We help organisations break down internal silos through digital technologies. Our consultants and developers work with you to implement bespoke intranet and community software solutions that encourage collaboration and optimise your organisation’s internal communications.

Telligent is a community and collaboration software platform, designed for organisations who want to create their own communities and conversations.

Telligent’s community software, which can be run as a standalone piece of software or in conjunction with  Sitecore, can help you to create dynamic and interactive experiences for your supporters with forums, blogs wikis and other community capabilities.

Telligent’s social software powers online communities that help improve customer access to information, and provide a digital space for users to communicate and deepen their engagement with your brand.

The most frequent use cases for Telligent include social customer service, digital marketing and employee engagement.

Lower support costs

Communities provide customers with the support options they want, allowing people to self-service, and help each other, rather than work through a traditional support team. By moving common support cases online, trends in topics can quickly be identified and case resolutions can be reused, helping reduce ongoing support costs.

Communities can also provide early indications of incidents about to unfold, so can be used to gather volunteer support during times of crisis.

Voice of the customer

Communities create unique user generated content, which is great for search engines as more content on your site means more opportunities for people to find you when they’re searching for topics online. As people ask questions, read content and give feedback, traffic is driven to your website, allowing more opportunities to engage with your supporters.

Communities can also help to increase revenue by giving users a platform to learn about your services from one another. Engaged users are often much higher value customers than those who don’t participate.

Increase team productivity

Internal staff networks are great for connecting staff and increasing collaboration amongst team members. Communities help to build relationships within your organisation by providing the tools to bridge common interests and facilitate discussion, making it easier to work together.

Communities are ideal for creating private, invitation-only areas where members can share ideas, feedback and ask questions in a safe and secure way.

Harness the power of volunteers

Use Telligent to bring together disparate groups of volunteers from across the country, encouraging the sharing of ideas and updating them with information in a closed environment that you manage. 

Privacy and trust

As the world becomes increasingly connected, privacy and trust issues remain high on the agenda for most organisations. By providing private areas, communities enable conversations to take place in a secure and safe social network that exists only within the organisation.

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