Business insight

Take control of your data with our range of business insight services. Empower your organisation to make better decisions with data analytics, and manage knowledge more effectively with ETL processes.

We're generating more data, more quickly, than ever before. Making sense of that data, gleaning the real value within it, can help you analyse trends, make decisions and predict outcomes.

Eduserv's Business Insight services are designed to help you gain control over your data and extract the maximum intelligence from it. Our data experts can:

  • Design business intelligence components to support your business needs
  • Provide analysis, support and operational administration services for a variety of data storage formats

Business insight benefits

  • Set and monitor KPIs
  • Improve processes and save money
  • Get an accurate picture of your organisation
  • Turn complex patterns into actionable insights
  • Manage the full data lifecycle

Choose from the range of services below, or get in touch to find out how we can help with your data challenges.

Available Services


  • Design and creation of custom reports, dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and scorecards to support Customer reporting requirements.
  • The provision, configuration and administration of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to support Customer business reporting and collaboration requirements.

Extract, transform and load (ETL)

  • Design and implementation of ETL tasks to support Customer business requirements covering source data analysis and schemas modelling.
  • Monitoring of ETL scheduled task success (data transformation, cleansing, profiling and loading into databases), diagnostics and reporting incidents to relevant service providers.

Data extraction

Extracting and processing specified Customer data and supplying it securely on designated storage media or porting it to a Customer-specified target destination. This can be conducted on a periodic basis or as a ‘one-off’, for example on service termination.


The management and use of Hadoop clusters to store and process large data sets. This, incorporated with Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence tools, provides a big data platform that can be used to undertake analytics to gain data insight. We also support the management and use of the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) to enable the seamless querying of data stored in Hadoop and SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse using Polybase. The clusters can be hosted on our Cloud Compute services, on third-party public cloud IaaS or elsewhere, as appropriate.

Technology & Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • NoSQL
  • Hadoop
  • Microsoft Analytics Platform System
  • SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse

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