Data consultancy

Our team of data consultants can help your organisation maximise the insight and value of your data. Whether its customer, service or other business data - getting the most from it can enhance how your organisation operates and the services you deliver.

Having the right infrastructure and databases in place is essential for making sure your data is accurate, accessible and easier to analyse. We work with government and charities to make sure they are able to use data to improve their services and better understand their customers.

Our data consultants can help you at every stage of your data management - whether you want to get the most from your existing data or you are planning a new service.

Our consultancy services cover:

  • Making sure you have the right infrastructure in place
  • Integrating databases with your other systems
  • Designing and planning database upgrades
  • Data cleansing
  • Designing and developing bespoke analytics tools and reports

Data consultancy benefits:

  • Improve data quality
  • Use data to improve services delivery
  • Improve organisation efficiency
  • Increase service resilience

Database Architecture Consultancy

We’ve helped organisations including British Red Cross, the Department for Education and UK Shared Business Services to plan and implement infrastructure and database upgrades to make sure their business critical data is always available, secure and easy to use.

Architecture consultancy covers:

  • Migrating data and databases between infrastructures
  • Planning and implementing database upgrades
  • Designing automated deployment strategies for data change
  • Designing database architectural solutions for highly available applications

Database Development Consultancy

We help our customers, such as British Red Cross and UK Shared Business Services, get the most from their data by making sure any upgrades or custom database solutions are implemented without any disruption to their service.

Development consultancy covers:

  • Designing, developing and implementing database design upgrades
  • Plan, develop and implement custom database solutions

Business Insight Consultancy

We work with organisations such as DrinkAware to help them understand and present their data in an accessible and insightful format. This means making sure the data is reliable and easy to understand so the organisation can use it to plan and make critical business decisions.

Business insight consultancy covers:

  • Improving speed of delivery through data architecture design
  • Designing and developing reports
  • Designing and developing dashboards for data visualisation
  • Designing and developing data warehouses, cubes etc. 
  • Designing and developing bespoke analytics solutions
  • Cleansing your data for providing data consistency

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