Multiple security domains: Assured Hybrid Cloud use case

In this use case for our Assured Hybrid Cloud service, a local authority needs hosting for multiple security domain websites.

A local authority provides an online service for local residents to check their eligibility and apply for means-tested benefits.

Hosting this service within the Eduserv Assured Hybrid Cloud, which now includes support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), means that the personal and financial data citizens provide is securely held within Eduserv’s secure cloud. The rest of the service and information, such as guidelines for eligibility, can be hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This means you're only paying for a highly secure hosting environment for the information that needs it and the rest can benefit from the economies of scale and broad range of application services provided by AWS.

This helps you improve the process of applying for means-tested benefits for citizens, whilst also providing back-office efficiencies and security.

Here’s a breakdown of the different information your means-tested benefits service might have and how they would be managed in the Eduserv Assured Hybrid Cloud.

  • Public information such as the description of different means-tested benefits available, FAQs and local authority contact details would be hosted on AWS.
  • Account details (username, password, contact details), financial information (financial status, bank account details) and personal information (marital status, dependents, employer details) would be stored in a database hosted on our Secure Cloud Compute service because the impact of any compromise to that aggregated personal data would be significant.
  • Front-end services allowing an individual citizen to view and modify their data and to submit and track any benefit claims would be hosted in AWS. Data flowing between the front-end website and the back-end secure database would be tightly controlled using the Managed Cloud Connector in order to monitor and restrict the traffic flow.
  • A PSN (or private network) connection would allow the local authority direct access to their database on our secure cloud to securely update content and manage user accounts.

Eduserv can manage the entire service for you including infrastructure and databases. This will be provided by our 24/7 Networks and Security Operation Centre, our 24/7 Service Desk and our on-going support and monitoring services. This ensures your services are always available and your IT team can focus on strategic priorities.

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