Cyber security and resilience assessment

Review how cyber security supports your business goals and operations

We will work with you to assess how your existing cyber security strategy supports your business goals and protects your digital services and ways of working. We will help you identify how to increase your organisations’ resilience to ensure your organisation and services are fully protected. This includes developing a strategy and budget that is proportionate to your organisations’ risk.

Benefits of our Cyber security and resilience assessment

  • Fully assess your cyber resilience in relation to IT systems, critical infrastructure, business processes and third party delivery partners at both local and national levels
  • Provide decision makers with a better understanding of being cyber resilient and what it entails
  • Calculate an overall cyber resilience budget that’s proportionate to the potential damage to business operations and citizen services 
  • Decide on appropriate and proportionate cyber security controls and the priority of their implementation
  • Assess current overall resilience and your readiness to respond to attacks using our proprietary key indicators

What you will receive from the service

  • Expert-led, business-focused assessments that take into account your unique organisational context, operating environment, market conditions and compliance requirements
  • Measurement of your organisation against the Eduserv Cyber Resilience Baseline, a proprietary score card that uses anonymised data (exclusive to Eduserv) to plot your organisation on an easy-to-understand comparative graph
  • Vulnerability testing of web assets, infrastructure and applications

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