Health and social care integration (Part II)

This report, by Jos Creese, tackles the role of digital design and adoption


Integration of health and social care services is central to the Government’s programme of reform. At its heart it is about ensuring that everyone can get the right care and support, whatever their needs, at every point in their care journey. But it is also about more efficient, joined up, and digitally-designed services around the service user.

This Part II report tackles the role of digital design and adoption in achieving successful health and social care integration, including:

  • How the concept of ‘Government as a Platform’ could be applied to health and social care through open platforms and systems.
  • Recommended digital principles for common IT practices to be agreed across the sector.
  • Data and records architecture – and what a ‘virtual dynamic care record’ could look like.
  • Protocols and principles for information governance and risk.
  • Case-studies and examples from projects across health and social care sectors to provide inspiration to others.
  • Recommendations for CIOs, CDOs, CTOs and leaders in local government, central government and the health service, with an interest in digital delivery.

This report is the second of a two-part research into health and social care integration. However, it is written to be standalone – you don’t need to read Part I first.

Author: Jos Creese, principal analysis, the executive briefing programme, with contributors from local government and health sectors.