Health and social care integration webinar

Data ownership and consent to share in care services

The Executive Briefing Programme’s most recent report into health and social care considers the digital components needed for integration. Data and records management are central to this, reflecting a future of an ‘organic, virtual and distributed’ care data record, owned by the service user but with effective controls and safeguards to protect clinical and other professional activity.

This webinar delved deeper into the issues around data sharing, information governance and patient access to records. With the following panelist:

(Chair) Jos Creese, Principal Analyst, EBP, Eduserv
Dr. Amir Hannan, GP & pioneer of patient access to electronic records
Dylan Roberts, CDO, City of Leeds – home of the Leeds Care Record and RippleOSI
Jocelyn Palmer, Programme Manager, Connecting Care BNSSG (Bristol North Somerset South Gloucestershire)
Stacey Egerton, Lead Policy Officer (Public Services), Information Commissioner’s Office