Local Government Executive Briefing Programme

Digital thinking for local government

  • Jos Creese

    Jos is the briefing programme principal analyst, with over 25 years experience in the public sector. Jos' most recent role was the CIO and CDO of Hampshire County Council.

  • Meet our steering group

    The aim of the Steering Group is to go beyond helping with organisational and content definition for the Local Government Executive Briefing Programme (EBP). It is about creating influence, challenge and debate.


Within a political climate of austerity and change, Eduserv’s Local Government Executive Briefing Programme delivers independent opinion on the role of digital in ensuring the future of public services, and provides opportunities for local authorities to share learning.

The programme is directed by a steering group of public sector officers and engages through several streams of thought-provoking content including research reports, articles, workshops and roundtable discussions.

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    • How cloud ready are the leading UK councils

      To build a clearer picture of the state of cloud adoption in local government we asked every council in the UK a set of questions. This initial report – the first of two we will publish – shows the state of play of the top 100 councils by revenue.