See how we’re supporting Drinkaware’s digital transformation ambitions with the redevelopment of their Umbraco website.

Drinkaware is an independent charity dedicated to reducing alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking. To cement their position as the number one destination for people wanting to find information on managing, tracking and understanding their drinking habits, Drinkaware wanted to transform the way they delivered their online services. This involved meeting the peaks in demand to ensure that information was always available when people needed it, using data to drive organisational strategy and content, and developing their in-house capabilities to support their ongoing transformation.  

Digital consultancy                      

To help Drinkaware align their digital presence with their organisational goals, Eduserv provided a digital consultancy service to ascertain the charity’s key objectives and success factors for the redevelopment project. This included gathering insight from all the charity’s key stakeholders and providing a platform analysis to help inform the decision of which CMS platform would be the most suitable in helping Drinkaware to achieve their long term business objectives.

An update of the previous Umbraco platform to the more secure and flexible 7.3 version was decided as the best solution.

Bringing skills in-house

Drinkaware is a great example of an organisation that is making a success of digital transformation. Data is at the heart of the decisions they make, so it was important that their platform could capture and make sense of its data in order to provide a continuous feedback loop into the organisation. With no internal development team to rely on, Drinkaware also wanted to empower their digital team by providing them with the skills they required in order to maintain the new website going forward.

To help Drinkaware make better use of the data they collect and measure the impact they’re making, Eduserv provided Drinkaware with several smart tools including Google Tag manager and an HTML component that gives them a vastly more flexible approach to managing analytics.

To support Drinkaware’s digital team in making ongoing changes to the new website, Eduserv worked closely with the team to develop a set of bespoke digital tools, which included a grid-based editing experience that enables editors to draw together content pages based on a generic set of components rather than having multiple, rigid templates. By reducing the reliance on external developers, Drinkaware will also benefit from the long term cost savings this will bring.  

Eliminating disruption time

Historically Drinkaware experiences significant spikes in traffic at certain times of the year, and particularly when alcohol related news stories are published. As a charity that provides the majority of its information advice and tools online, it was imperative that the new website did not suffer any down time. To ensure this doesn’t take place, Eduserv made changes to the infrastructure supporting the website, architecting new scalable and robust hosting services that could handle the spikes in website traffic. With the website always in operation, Drinkaware can continue to expand their reach and increase their supporter base during the times when it matters most.


Ellie Mann, digital project manager at Drinkaware said:

“I’m so impressed with the quality of the site and I’m extremely grateful that we worked with you on this project. It’s great that so much thought has gone in to making it easy for us to use and edit, and the amount of documentation you’re providing to help us!” She went on to comment that although there is still more work to do, “I feel like I’ll probably sleep quite well tonight”.