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From a mobile-ready website to personalised content, discover how we're helping British Red Cross with their digital strategy.

The Challenge

British Red Cross had seen mobile traffic to its website grow year on year, peaking at 90 times more traffic from mobiles during the Japan Earthquake appeal in 2011. Although the site could be viewed on mobile phones, it wasn’t optimised for different devices and so didn’t provide a very user-friendly experience.

As well as generating revenue for appeals, British Red Cross wanted to launch a campaign promoting its local services. With a mobile site British Red Cross could use GPS technology to provide tailored local information.

Margaret O’Donnell, Head of Digital for British Red Cross, says: “The most common call our information phoneline receives is people asking where their local British Red Cross shop is. By improving how we deliver this information online we can reduce calls and users can access that info on their phones quickly when they’re out and about.”

British Red Cross’s aim is to be ‘Digital by default, user-centred by design’, reflecting how important digital is to the charity and recognising that the best systems are those with user needs at their heart. It is the second most social charity brand and a key objective is for people who access social media on their phones to have a consistent journey through to the website.

The Solution

We optimised the main site to be used on mobile devices. The optimised experience focuses on five key user journeys aligned to British Red Cross’ strategic objectives. The app-like nature of the site makes it simple and quick to navigate and carry out actions such as finding a service or appeal updates.

The device being used is automatically detected, and HTML 5 is used to responsively adapt pages to fit the device. Information loads much more quickly because visitors are taken directly to the mobile site, rather than the slower but common process of taking people to the main site and then passing them to the mobile version.

Mobile content is managed through the same Sitecore CMS as the main website. Both sites can easily be maintained by non-technical staff and updates to the main website can be selected to automatically appear on the mobile version. Margaret says, “Only needing to edit content once for both sites makes it efficient to manage and ensures users get a consistent message.”

The GPS feature helps provide content relevant to the user’s location so they can quickly find nearby British Red Cross shops, services and events. Launching this functionality was important to coordinate with a marketing campaign promoting local British Red Cross services.


  • The website detects and optimises for any mobile device.
  • Users can find services quickly and more easily.
  • Mobile drives foot traffic to local shops and services.
  • Reduced calls to call centre.
  • Fewer clicks and quicker loading to encourage donations.
  • Easy for non-technical staff to manage content for different devices.

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