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Assessing cloud readiness and using IT as a platform for change

Adur and Worthing Councils set the business objective of providing a compelling digital customer experience through all their service delivery.

To achieve this, the councils wanted to simplify and digitise processes so they could:

  • Change the way the councils work: designing new digital business models and moving away from paper-based processes and a reliance on old databases
  • Change the way services are delivered: enabling the digital delivery of council services.

The councils identified that moving to cloud software and infrastructure would be key to achieving these business goals.

Paving a way for cloud 

After deploying cloud-based software to support the council’s core operations and service delivery, Adur and Worthing wanted to develop a plan to move IT infrastructure to the cloud. However a complex estate of legacy IT and data meant a migration to the cloud was not a simple prospect.

Eduserv worked with Adur and Worthing to conduct a cloud adoption assessment. This involved establishing priorities, auditing the existing IT infrastructure, identifying potential cost savings and clarifying its readiness for a move to the cloud.

The cloud adoption assessment also provided Adur and Worthing Councils with a clear roadmap to the cloud. This included identifying any short-term work required on the existing infrastructure in order to receive the full benefits of moving to the cloud.

A business case for change

“Eduserv’s work with us will allow us to put forward an invest-to-save business case to the Members of the council which will enable the final stage of the Council’s migration to cloud infrastructure,” says Paul Brewer, Director for Digital and Resources, who led the work at Adur & Worthing Councils

“They have given us a clear and reassuring view of where we are now, what we can adopt, how to do it and the kind of savings we can expect through a move to cloud infrastructure,”.

“The work only took a couple of weeks but it was a really good piece in terms of the detail which Eduserv gave us – something which was very important because it was immediately relevant.”

“Equally important is Eduserv’s shared understanding that moving to the cloud is not just a question of putting legacy systems off-site but finding a way of reducing our data storage need over time so we realise savings from our day-to-day costs.”

“The combination of Eduserv’s knowledge of cloud strategy and their experience and understanding of working within local government meant they were a reassuring partner for this piece of work.”
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