Aylesbury Vale District Council

Bringing clarity to Aylesbury Vale District Council’s digital vision

Evaluating technology and change 

A team of Eduserv consultants worked with AVDC’s leaders and IT team, in order to build a clear understanding of the council’s future vision for how they  work and the way they want to use IT.

As part of this work, the team mapped out current systems and identified changes to ways of working. This helped pinpoint the level of IT change required.

Eduserv also helped the council understand the extent to which different areas of the organisation were ready for change, identified pressure points which would constrain change, and discover areas which would allow for ‘quick wins’. These ‘quick wins’ will demonstrate the benefits of IT and business transformation early in the project.

An important strand of the project was helping the council refine its thinking around how it could improve service delivery using:

  • Machine learning
  • Big data analytics
  • The internet of things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud telephony
  • Software as a service

To do this, Eduserv evaluated how these could support AVDC’s future business objectives, their current and future feasibility, success factors and potential roadblocks to implementation.

Eduserv also brought together council staff with subject area experts and technology suppliers to build a clearer understanding around how new technology could support the council in the future.

This process helped the council test the appetite for technology change, build a clear technology vision and set objectives for their new business plan.

A roadmap for change

Maryvonne Hassall IT Strategy Manager at AVDC who led the work with Eduserv, said the project was important to ensure future plans for change were understood and shared.

“Working with an external team brings a greater depth of experience and objectivity which allows us to challenge and stretch our thinking in a different way.

The Eduserv team help us have the right conversations with senior leaders about the role of technology in the council, getting agreement about business objectives, the way we want to work and the changes we need to commit to.

They also help overcome concerns that our thinking might be too ambitious around the role of IT and ensure that our ideas can be turned into plans which are deliverable.

The outcome of the work has been the development of a business plan and supporting IT strategy, which is even more ambitious than what we had originally envisaged. We have a clear set of criteria for how we will invest in IT, focusing on value and flexibility rather than short-term cost. This will help us shorten the procurement cycle and bring consistency across the council.

As a result of the work, we can better deliver business change in the future and save money by working more flexibly. We are also in a better position to put new technology to work to improve services and reduce costs such as the use of AI to respond to customer enquiries.

Eduserv have helped us move quickly from an initial position where we were setting out our ambitions to one where we are ready to make them happen.”