Reflections on licensing for partnerships

3 July 2017

Recently the topic at a well attended ShERIF event,“Developing approaches to simplifying licensing for partnerships” on 19 June, led us reflect on what Chest does to support for universities and colleges that want to extend access resources to their partners.

There can be no question that partnerships, in their many guises, are a permanent part of the academic landscape and that the majority of students studying on comparable courses at partner institutions ought to be treated equably when it comes to getting access to resources. After hearing the presentations, discussions and our conversations during the breaks we feel that there will be no ‘magic bullet’ (at least not in the immediate future) when it comes to licensing for these additional students. In most cases, there will be additional costs involved (even hidden ones), and there are some technical hurdles to overcome. It seems reasonable to expect that this must be factored in when partnerships are being set up.

Why giving access to resources can be difficult?

Martyn Jansen (Contracts and Legal Manager at Eduserv) has produced some notes which summarise the reasons why it is not always possible to give access to resources to partners. They should provide a useful aide memoir to use when you have to convince the people responsible for setting up partnerships that there are likely to be additional licence fees incurred to give access to resources (not just Chest ones) or that in some cases you cannot give access and the partner has to take out their own licence.

Student Access Decision Maker

This tool is intended to help you find out if you can give a student or group of students access to online resources covered by the Standard Chest Agreement Licence. There is no reason why you can’t apply it to online resources licensed under different terms but do take some care interpreting those licence terms and conditions. If you are still unclear then get in touch.

At Chest, we strive to understand your individual needs and are happy to discuss any issues that you have. We can intercede on your behalf and talk with our publishers. So, do contact Chest Help if you have any concerns.

We are in the process of reviewing our standard contract with publishers and it is our intention to include access for partners (and alumni) be default. There is a caveat - we may not be successful every time and, if we are, then there may be an additional licence fee. The change will be applied as Chest Agreements are renewed.

Chest licences that allow access

Here is a reminder of the some of the Chest licensing models available that allow your institution to give access to students at your partner organisations with impunity, remembering that you must ensure that access is secure and that the licensed material is used for educational purpose only.

  • American Mathematical Society and MathSciNet - allow access for students at partners at no additional charge.
  • American Psychological Association – we are happy to discuss extending access on your behalf with APA who normally consider such requests reasonably.
  • Emerald Publishing – for a 10% uplift to your subscription you can extend use to students and staff in partner colleges or those on franchised or validated courses.
  • Euromonitor International – with prices based on the headcount of additional authorised users at your partners you can extend your licence to allow access to Passport and Research Monitor.
  • IGI Global – we are in discussion with this publisher about extending access to partners to their eBooks, journals and videos free of charge.
  • Inspec - offers Extended Educational Use for 10% of the data fee.